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The FUSION mentorship is a year-long workshop for  experienced clay and glass artists to expand their technical skills, develop critical thinking participate in and receive critical feedback and build confidence.

Participants are given the opportunity to critically examine their own work and embark on an individual project that will generate either a new body of work or will resolve current issues in their own work.

Watch the video below for more information on this mentorship:

FUSION: The Ontario Clay and Glass Association is the only not-for-profit organization

dedicated to clay and glass artists in Canada. FUSION's mission is to encourage and

promote excellence and quality in clay and glass, provide opportunities, a sense of

community and continuing educational resources for members and people interested

in clay and glass through tolerance, caring and acceptance.

FUSION creates opportunities for artists working in clay and glass through the Creative Directions program. Participants are mentored by a professional artist through a series of workshops, meetings and critiques where they expand their technical skills, develop critical thinking and build greater confidence in their work.

The culminating exhibition is the end manifestation of every participant's artistic path.

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