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Exposure in FUSION Magazine provides direct access to your audience. 

FUSION Magazine is distributed to members, makers, guilds, students, teachers, collectors, museums, libraries and supporters of clay and glass across Canada and the United States. 


Each issue features: 

  • Artist profiles

  • Exhibition reviews

  • Workshop information

  • Studio features

  • Business and technology tips

  • And more!

To place an ad or for  more information, please contact 



Spring Issue (distributed in April)

  • Ad booking deadline is February 1

  • Artwork/Copy deadline is February 15


Summer Issue (distributed in July)

  • Ad booking deadline is May 1

  • Artwork/Copy deadline is May 15


Fall Issue (distributed in November)

  • Ad booking deadline is September 1

  • Artwork/Copy deadline is September 15


Full Page

  • Size: 7.5" x 10"

  • Cost: $350 per issue or $950 for three issues


2/3 Page

  • Size: 4.5" x 9.5"

  • Cost: $300 per issue of $850 for three issues


1/2 Page

  • Size: 7.5" x 4"

  • Cost: $250 per issue or $650 for three issues


1/3 Page

  • Size: 2 3/8" x 9.5"

  • Cost: $150 per issue or $400 for three issues

1/4 Page 

  • Size: 3 3/8" x 4"

  • Cost: $125 per issue or $325 for three issues


1/6 Page:

  • Size: 2 3/8" x 4"

  • Cost: $100 per issue or $250 for three issues


Business Card - Horizontal

  • Size: 3" x 2"

  • Cost: $75 per issue or $200 for three issues


Bottom of Page Banner: Single Page

  • Size: 7.5" x 2"

  • Cost: $100 per issue of $250 for three issues

Payment is due at the beginning of the first issue for 3 consecutive issue discounts. The 3-issue rate is non-refundable and non-transferable. All rates posted are subject to change without notice. All rates are subject to HST. Current rates are in effect as of January 1, 2024.  


Ads must be submitted in electronic format. Files should be high-resolution and print-ready, all fonts embedded, RGB, 300DPI. PDF format is the best and preferred format but PSD, EPS, JPEG, or TIFF formats are also accepted.


FUSION reserves the right to refuse any advertising deemed to be unsuitable for its publications or does not meet product standards. Publication of any ad does not imply endorsement by FUSION.

Advertisers assume full responsibility for the contents of their advertisements. The liability of FUSION for any error, omission or delay will be limited to the cost of the space paid for and occupied by the error. All orders are accepted subject to acts of nature, strike, fire and any other occurrences beyond the control of FUSION, which may prevent or delay the publication, or distribution of FUSION Magazine

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