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THANK YOU for choosing to donate with ZEFFY below.​ 

Donations to FUSION can be easily directed to the areas of interest you wish to support.

Tax receipts are automatically generated online. 

Contact with any questions.   

Thank you  for your support.
Donations made to FUSION are eligible for a tax receipt.
Thank you for your donation on Giving Tuesday 2023


Nancy Macnaughton-Hilborn

Steve Heinemann

Salina Szechtman

The Baie D'Urfe Potters Guild in memory of Anne Dodge

Monica Rosenthal

Debra Sloan

Bruce Taylor

Lillian Forester

Thank you to our previous Donors
  • Anonymous

  • Ada Brzeski

  • Ann Allen

  • Catharina Goldnau

  • Chris Snedden

  • Craig Fraser

  • Dan Hill

  • Donn Zver

  • Elizabeth Davies

  • Frank Tucker

  • Frantic Farms Gallery

  • Frieda Pereira

  • Gary Sullivan

  • Gene Timpany

  • Gilda Goodman

  • Gillian Graham

  • The Grys Gilchrist Family

  • Jeffrey and Naomi Milgram

  • Jiaying Xu

  • Joan Bennett

  • Jenny Rushforth

  • Karen Rushforth

  • Liz Willoughby

  • Marilyn Green

  • Marty Slimming

  • Nancy Garvie

  • Michael Filosa

  • Nancy Hillborn

  • Roger Kerslake

  • Salina Szechtman

  • Shelagh Mirski

  • Steve Heinemann

  • Steve and Joan Irvine

  • Teresa Dunlop

  • Victor Levin

  • Wendy Hutchinson

  • The Franzen Family in Memory of Marc Franzen

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