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Phase One

e-Clay Learning and Teaching Research was a Digital Strategy Fund project intended to develop a shared foundation for community ceramic studios to implement online dynamic and interactive learning and teaching experiences for clay.  
The purpose of the project was to undertake research, define needs, and determine solutions and costs to implement the plan. Specifically, to determine if any existing solutions can be used or modified to provide for instructor and student interactivity, participant's ease of use, and quality video and sound; and to determine if new development is needed to meet requirements and if so, estimate the time and costs required to achieve desired outcomes.
For more information about the research and its outcomes, you are can read this short article or the summary report for a more detailed description of the project.

Phase Two

The e-Clay Project has received funding from the Canada Council for the Arts for a second phase. The new phase is aimed at establishing a set of best practices for interactive online ceramic teaching, focused on not-for-profit Guilds and Studios.  
The e-Clay Project, phase 2 is a 9-month project aimed at developing and sharing an online guide for teaching and learning ceramic arts. Specific guides will be developed about teaching hand building and wheel throwing. 
The project will bring together a group of teachers to develop a set of best practices in online, interactive pottery courses. Project preparations are underway, led by the Cross Provincial Ceramic Network, chaired by Karina Bates (Kawartha Potters Guild). The group will hire a Project Manager and confirm the group of teachers and not-for-profit Guilds/Studios that will participate. Best practices will be pilot tested between January - March 2023 and the final version will be available in early summer 2023.

For more information, to register for workshops, or to get involved, please visit the e-clay website. Please contact with any inquiries.

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