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President:  Catharina Goldnau

Vice President: Alison Brannen

Secretary : Adeline La

Treasurer :  Mike Thome 

Executive Director: Lucie Grys

Board Members: Catharina Goldnau, Alison Brannen, Mike Thome, Adeline La, Karen Franzen, Danielle Skentzos, Dana Dallal, Amy Bell, Wade Vienneau and Angelo di Petta.


Conference: Alison Brannen

Exhibitions: Adeline La

Creative Directions and Mentorship Program: Danielle Skentzos & Angelo di Petta

Magazine: Dana Dallal

Glass Programming: not filled

FACES of FUSION: Catharina Goldnau

Guild Outreach: Amy Bell

Clay and Glass Show: Karen Franzen

Membership: Danielle Skentzos

Database and Website: Catharina Goldnau

Student Engagement: Wade Vienneau

Marketing: not billed

FUSION Board members can be contacted by email at


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