Cultivate was held at the Gardiner Shop

May - July, 2021 


"The purpose of this program is to foster conceptual and technical development for practitioners of ceramics who are at a point in their careers when they are contemplating a change in direction."

 - Angelo di Petta



Creative Directions has given the participants an opportunity to question their creative process in an accepting and supportive environment. As mentor, I challenged them to do a deep dive into their emotional and personal experiences in order to establish a foundation for work that originates from within themselves and is not overly influenced by current styles and trends.

Each participant took on the challenge and produced intelligent and meaningful work. It must be stressed that the finished work in this exhibition, aptly named Cultivate, is the beginning of the journey, not the end.

Thank you FUSION for allowing me to take these participants on this journey.

Angelo di Petta

Creative Directions Mentor