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FUSION grew out of the Ontario Potters' Association and evolved into the Ontario Clay and Glass Association when glass was included into the incorporation articles (1986).

Historically, FUSION has focused on the promotion of hand-crafted clay and glass.


FUSION is a not-for-profit, charitable organization managed by a volunteer Board of Directors.

Charitable registration # 122093826RR0001.

Mission Statement

“The mission of the association shall be to encourage and promote excellence and quality in clay and glass, provide opportunities for fellowship and a sense of community involvement, provide continuing education resources for members and people interested in clay and glass and to reach out, demonstrating tolerance, caring, and acceptance for the diverse aspects of expression in clay and glass."

- Established by the constitution of 1985

We are:

  • The only Ontario arts organization dedicated to makers and collectors of clay and glass

  • A not-for-profit arts organization led by a volunteer board of directors

  • A diverse membership of artists, students, teachers, guilds, collectors, libraries and businesses 

  • The 'voice' of the clay and glass community to government, business and the general public 

2022 FUSION Conference demo


FUSION acts as both local and global voice of the Ontario clay and glass community to government, business and the general public, using an increasing variety of well-managed, innovative and cooperative activities to accomplish its mandate.

To this end, we gratefully acknowledge the partnerships of the following organizations, be it in terms of funding support, sponsorships, donations or resource-sharing to plan, execute and manage events, programs and community outreach efforts.


2019 Hamilton

John Colbeck,UK

Lisa Hammond, UK

Kitty Shepherd, UK

2018 Waterloo

Peter Powning, Canada

Samantha Dickie, Canada

2017 London

Sarah Pike, Canada

Thomas Aitken, Canada

Paula Murray Canada

2016 Toronto

5 Korean Master Potters


2015 Hamilton

Sunshine Cobb, USA

Robin Dupont, Canada

2014 Peterborough

Jennifer McCurdy, USA

Kathryne Koop, Canada

2013 Oakville

Gertrude 'Gay' Graham Smith, USA

Laurie Rolland, Canada

2012 London

Fong Choo, USA

Deborah Schwartzkopf, USA

2011 Toronto

Sequoia Miller, USA

Audrey Killoran, Canada


2010 Ottawa

Sam Chung, USA

Joan Bruneau, Canada

2009 Toronto

Tom Coleman, USA

Meira Mathison, Canada

2008 Hamilton

Matt Long, USA

Rachelle Chinnery, Canada

2007 Toronto

Michael Sherrill, USA

Katrina Chaytor, Canada

2006 North Bay

Robin Hopper, Canada

2005 Waterloo

Chris Gustin, USA

Cathi Jefferson, Canada

2004 Toronto

Nick Joerling, USA

Suse Lindsay, USA

2003 Ottawa

Geoffrey Wheeler, USA

Jim Connell, USA

2002 Oakville

Ruthane Tudball, UK

Grace Nickel, Canada

2001 Hamilton

Morgan Hall, UK

Fredricke Rahn, Canada

Janet Mansfield, Australia (keynote speaker)

2000 Toronto

Bruce Cochrane, Canada

Lana Wilson, USA

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