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Final mechanical art for ads must be submitted in electronic format. Files should be Macintosh compatible QuarkXpress, Adobe Illustrator or “Print-Optimized” PDF. All placed images and fonts must be included with the file. Placed images and graphics can be saved as Photoshop, EPS, JPEG, PDF or TIFF format (300dpi).  Emailed artwork along with required images and fonts should be compressed and saved together as a (.SEA) self-extracting archive file and sent as an E-MAIL attachment to fusion@clayandglass.on.ca and derek0240@sympatico.ca. Larger files can be submitted via Dropbox. Please contact Derek (derek0240@sympatico.ca) for further details. 


FUSION reserves the right to refuse any advertising which is deemed to be unsuitable for its publications, or does not meet product standards. Publication of any ad does not imply endorsement by FUSION. Advertisers assume full responsibility for the contents of their advertisements. The liability of FUSION for any error, omission or delay will be limited to the cost of the space paid for and occupied by the error. All orders are accepted subject to acts of nature, strike, fire and any other occurrences beyond the control of FUSION, which may prevent or delay publication, or distribution of FUSION Magazine. 

 FUSION Digital Format Magazine Schedule 2017-18      
 Distribution  Copy Due  Ads Bookings  Artwork Due 
  April 4, 2017
 Feb 24, 2016
 Mar 10, 2016
 Mar 21, 2017
  Sept 19, 2017 Aug 4, 2017  Aug 4, 2017  Aug 4, 2017
  Jan 31, 2018 Dec 1, 2017  Nov 17, 2017  Dec 1, 2017

FUSION MAGAZINE Display Ad Rates 2017-18
Size  1 issue
3 issues *
Full page 7.5" x 10"  260.00  725.00 
1/2 page 7.5" x 4"   165.00  440.00 
1/4 page 3 3/8" x 4"  95.00  250.00 
1/3 page 2 3/8" x 9.5"  100.00  260.00 
1/6 page 2 3/8" x 4"  65.00   160.00 
Business Card - Horizontal 3" x 2"  30.00  80.00 
Bottom of Page Banner - Single Page 7.5" x 2"  60.00  170.00 


* Save when 3 issues are paid in advance. Payment due at the beginning of the first issue for 3 consecutive issue discount. 

All rates subject to HST 

Registration Number – R122093826 

FUSION gratefully acknowledges the assistance of the Government of Ontario through the Ministry of Citizenship, Culture and Recreation, and the Ontario Arts Council. The Ontario Arts Council is an agency of the Government of Ontario. 


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