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FUSION's annual conference delegates get a full slate of exciting events and activities:

  • Presenters who are renowned experts in their fields
  • Discounted early-bird rates 
  • Door prizes offered throughout the Conference weekend
  • Receptions and other special events
  • Exhibitions and other local art exhibits
  • Raffle and Mug Sale 
  • Awards presentation 
  • Time off to enjoy local events and restaurants

FUSION thanks our sponsors for their generous support 


2020 / 2021 Toronto:  cancelled

2019 / Hamilton: John Colbeck, Lisa Hammond, Kitty Shepherd

2018 / Waterloo: Peter Powning, Samantha Dickie Canada

2017 / London: Sarah Pike, Thomas Aitken and Paula Murray Canada

2016 / Toronto: 5 Korean Master Potters

2015 / Hamilton: Sunshine Cobb, USA and Robin Dupont, Canada

2014 / Peterborough: 
Jennifer McCurdy, USA and Kathryne Koop, Canada

2013 / Oakville: Gertrude 'Gay' Graham Smith, USA and Laurie Rolland, Canada

2012 / London: Fong Choo, USA and Deborah Schwartzkopf, USA

2011 / Toronto: Sequoia Miller, USA and Audrey Killoran, Canada

2010 / Ottawa: Sam Chung, USA and Joan Brunneau, Canada

2009 / Toronto: Tom Coleman, USA and Meira Mathison, Canada

2008 / Hamilton: Matt Long, USA and Rachelle Chinnery, Canada

2007 / Toronto: Michael Sherrill, USA and Katrina Chaytor, Canada

2006 / North Bay: Robin Hopper, Canada

2005 / Waterloo: Chris Gustin, USA and Cathi Jefferson, Canada

2004 / Toronto: Nick Joerling, USA and Suse Lindsay, USA

2003 / Ottawa: Geoffrey Wheeler, USA and Jim Connell, USA

2002 / Oakville: Ruthane Tudball, UK and Grace Nickel, Canada

2001 / Hamilton: Morgan Hall, UK and Fredricke Rahn, Canada and Janet Mansfield, Australia (keynote address)

2000 / Toronto: Bruce Cochrane, Canada and Lana Wilson, USA

1999 / Kingston: Val Cushing, USA and Diane Sullivan, Canada

1998 / Mississauga: Chris Staley, USA and Peter Powning, Canada

1997 / London: Wayne Ngan, Canada and Ellen Shankin, USA

1996 / Ottawa: John Leach, UK

1995 / Waterloo:  Richard and Carol Selfridge, Canada

1994 / Toronto: Tom Coleman, USA

1993 / Hamilton:  Ann Roberts, Canada and Keith Campbell, Canada, Goyer and Bonneau

1992 / North Bay: Randy Johnson and Andrea Gill

1991 / Toronto: Susan & Curtis Benzle, Susan & Stephen Kemenyffy, Susan Shapiro & Andrew Magdanz

1990 / Ottawa: Steven Hill, USA and Sally Michener

FUSION thanks Tucker's Pottery Supply for their continued support and Sponsorship.

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