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CONFERENCE PRESENTERS: Mariko Paterson and Sarah Pike

Saturday & Sunday, June 10-11

Mariko Paterson – Saturday and Sunday, June 10-11, 2017

Mariko Paterson was born and raised in Vancouver, but left after a stint at Langara College to pursue a degree at the Alberta College of Art and Design after which she went to Kent State University to complete her MFA. While she has also made New York, Michigan, Ohio and Manitoba as some points of her professional pursuits, Halifax, Nova Scotia now serves as ceramic headquarters.

Mariko founded Forage Studios where she strives to produce a subversive strain of ceramic work as well as serve the community with an education of the arts. Her sculptural interests lay where historical meets hand building. A dalliance with the pottery wheel has resulted in both forms and a forum for exploring her love of creamy cone 6 clay bodies and illustration.

Mariko uses multiple techniques in her work. From mishima to lustre the question seems to be: What can I do now? The finished pieces are colourful, heavily decorated and very often political. Mariko has always had a love of drawing and illustration which translates to her highly embellished surfaces. Most of her pieces require upwards of five firings to achieve the desired results. Drawing on popular internet memes as inspiration, her work brings humour to the viewer while making profound social commentary.

Mariko's website

Sarah Pike – Saturday and Sunday, June 10-11, 2017

Sarah Pike is a full time potter living in Fernie, British Colombia. She makes slab built functional ware in her home studio on an acre of land at the edge of a little ski town.

Sarah is inspired by many things including the landscape surrounding her home, the rich history of ceramics, as well as antique tinware, textured metal, and old things you might find in barns. Sarah often uses found objects to enhance her work. After a day of making large pots, Sarah says she enjoys going in the opposite direction and building some small pieces. She says, “Scoops and funnels are fun to make and added strips of leather add a warm, rustic look.”

She majored in ceramics at the Alberta College of Art and Design, after which she went on to Colorado University and then the University of Minnesota. Along the way she started a family, lived in a barn, and helped run her husband’s family ranch.

Sarah enjoys pottery that conveys personality and a slight air of attitude. Her pots are never quite symmetrical, and she believes they lean just a bit toward animation. She says, “I like this static sense of energy in pottery. It evokes the plastic nature of clay in its raw form, and the movement associated with the pots intended use. It reflects our beauty and awkward imperfections; imperfections that celebrate the handmade object over mass-produced industrial ware.”

Sarah's Website

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