FUSION: The Ontario Clay and Glass Association

2018 Conference
Waterloo, ON
June 22-24, 2018 

The 2018 FUSION Conference will be on the campus of Wilfrid Laurier University and feature two stellar presenters: Peter Powning, from the hills of southern New Brunswick; and Samantha Dickie, from Victoria, British Columbia. Join us for the 2018 FUSION Conference, June 22-24, in Waterloo, Ontario!

FUSION: The Ontario Clay and Glass Association is very excited to be partnering our 2018 Conference with two special anniversaries: the 25th Anniversary of The Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery; and the 50th Anniversary of The Waterloo Potters' Workshop. Together, this partnership forms a series of exciting events in celebration of clay and glass.

Conference 2018 Weekend Features:


-         Garth Clark: seminar on marketing and promotions. 
Tickets can be purchased in April through Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery at: 

-         Opening reception of Breakthrough: An Exhibition of FUSION Emerging Artists

-         Then, Now, and Next: a Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery exhibition


-       2 days of demonstrations by Peter Powning and Samantha Dickie


More About the Conference:

Every June, FUSION’s Annual Conference and Annual General Members Meeting are held in various major centres throughout Ontario. Conference attendees get a full slate of exciting events:
  • Presenters who are renowned experts in their fields
  • All inclusive registration fees (including lunch and snacks)
  • Discounted early-bird rates 
  • Varied, event-packed Conference schedule
  • Reduced rates on accommodation
  • Prizes offered throughout the Conference weekend
  • Suppliers’ presentations with special discounts
  • Dinner and other special events
  • Exhibition and other local art exhibits
  • Silent Auction
  • Annual General Meeting, including Volunteer of the Year Awards
  • Time off to enjoy local events and restaurants

FUSION wishes to thank our sponsors for their generous support!


Sarah Pike, Thomas Aitken,
Paula Murray Canada

5 Korean Master Potters

Sunshine Cobb, USA
Robin Dupont, Canada

2014 / Peterborough
Jennifer McCurdy, USA
Kathryne Koop, Canada

2013 / Oakville
Gertrude 'Gay' Graham Smith, USA
Laurie Rolland, Canada

2012 / London
Fong Choo, USA
Deborah Schwartzkopf, USA

2011 / Toronto
Sequoia Miller, USA
Audrey Killoran, Canada

2010 / Ottawa
Sam Chung, USA
Joan Brunneau, Canada

2009 / Toronto
Tom Coleman, USA
Meira Mathison, Canada

2008 / Hamilton
Matt Long, USA
Rachelle Chinnery, Canada

2007 / Toronto
Michael Sherrill, USA
Katrina Chaytor, Canada

2006 / North Bay
Robin Hopper, Canada

2005 / Waterloo
Chris Gustin, USA
Cathi Jefferson, Canada

2004 / Toronto
Nick Joerling, USA
Suse Lindsay, USA

2003 / Ottawa
Geoffrey Wheeler, USA
Jim Connell, USA

2002 / Oakville
Ruthane Tudball, UK
Grace Nickel, Canada

2001 / Hamilton
Morgan Hall, UK
Fredricke Rahn, Canada
Janet Mansfield, Australia (keynote address)

2000 / Toronto
Bruce Cochrane, Canada
Lana Wilson, USA

1999 / Kingston
Val Cushing, USA
Diane Sullivan, Canada

1998 / Mississauga
Chris Staley, USA
Peter Powning, Canada

1997 / London
Wayne Ngan, Canada
Ellen Shankin, USA

1996 / Ottawa
John Leach, UK

1995 / Waterloo
Richard and Carol Selfridge, Canada

1994 / Toronto
Tom Coleman, USA

1993 / Hamilton
Ann Roberts, Canada
Keith Campbell, Canada
Goyer and Bonneau

1992 / North Bay
Randy Johnson
Andrea Gill

1991 / Toronto
Susan & Curtis Benzle
Susan & Stephen Kemenyffy
Susan Shapiro & Andrew Magdanz

1990 / Ottawa
Steven Hill, USA
Sally Michener

FUSION gratefully acknowledges the assistance of the Government of Ontario through the Ministry of Citizenship, Culture and Recreation, and the Ontario Arts Council. The Ontario Arts Council is an agency of the Government of Ontario. 


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