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Creative Directions is a year-long workshop for clay and glass artists to expand their technical skills, develop critical thinking and build confidence. Participants are given the opportunity to critically examine their own work and embark on an individual project that will generate either a new body of work or will resolve current issues in their own work. The learning experience consists of full day, hands-on, workshop-style presentations including demos. During these sessions, participants will have time to strengthen their skills and respond to the demos. The balance of the meetings will consist of presentations and critiques where opportunities to discuss the work and find your voice are encouraged.

Creative Directions has given the participants an opportunity to question their creative process in an accepting and supportive environment. As mentor, I challenged them to do a deep dive into their emotional and personal experiences in order to establish a foundation for work that originates from within themselves and is not overly influenced by current styles and trends.

Each participant took on the challenge and produced intelligent and meaningful work. It must be stressed that the finished work in this exhibition, aptly named Cultivate, is the beginning of the journey, not the end.

Thank you FUSION for allowing me to take these participants on this journey.

Angelo di Petta

Creative Directions Mentor

This workshop started in September of 2019 and was greatly impacted by the pandemic. FUSION extends a big thank you to Angelo diPetta without whose dedications this workshop would not have been possible.

The video below  features 3 artists sharing their experiences of the mentorship.  The talk ismoderated by Adeline La from the Gardiner Museum.

Mentorship and the Path to Creativity and Refinement:

FUSION: The Ontario Clay and Glass Association is the only not-for-profit organization

dedicated to clay and glass artists in Canada. FUSION's mission is to encourage and

promote excellence and quality in clay and glass, provide opportunities, a sense of

community and continuing educational resources for members and people interested

in clay and glass through tolerance, caring and acceptance.

FUSION creates opportunities for artists working in clay and glass through the Creative Directions program. Participants are mentored by a professional artist through a series of workshops, meetings and critiques where they expand their technical skills, develop critical thinking and build greater confidence in their work.

The culminating exhibition is the end manifestation of every participant's artistic path.

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