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Live on Wednesdays at 12 noon EDT
Catharina Goldnau in conversation with artists, makers-at-large, designers, and community members.
Learn about an artist's creative process, get helpful tips-and-tricks, participate in virtual museum tours and more. 

Coming Soon!                  
Jan 19: Interview with Glass Artist, Paul van den Bijgaart 
Jan 26: Interview with Ceramic Artist, Lisa Gwen
Feb 2: Interview with Ceramic Artist, Hannun Lyn

Feature:  Highlight from the Collection                 
Oct 13:  Museum Hop with Catharina Goldnau -> Flux Exhibition Virtual Tour, Gardiner Shop
@ the Gardiner Museum of Ceramic Art, Toronto, Ontario


Hannun Lyn, Ceramic Artist, @hannunlyn

Lisa Gwen, Ceramic Artist, @lisa.gwen
Paul van den Bijgaart, 
Glass Artist, @bijgaartwork
Lucie Grys, FUSION Director, @luciegrys

Lisa Creskey, Ceramic Artist, @lisacreskey
Joon Hee Kim, Ceramic Artist, @junniekim18
Siobhán Lynch, Glass Artist, @siobhanlynchglass

Teresa Dunlop, Ceramic Artist, @teresadunlopceramics
Sheridan College Ceramics Studio Virtual Tour, @sheridancollegeceramics
Koen Vanderstukken, Glass Artist, @koen.77.77
Jessica Steinhäuser, Owner, @kachelofenart
Stone House Kacheloefen

Catherine Thomas, Ceramic Artist, @catherine.thomas.28
Brendan Smyth, Manager, PSH, @potterysupplyhouse
Flux Exhibition Virtual Tour, @gardinershop
Jordan Scott, Ceramic Artist, @scottery_pottery

Shirley Clifford, Ceramic Artist, @shirleypottery
Donna O'Brien, Administrator, Kawartha Potters Guild, @kpgpottery
Pietro Maddalena, La Meridiana, @lameridiana
Darlene Pratt, Ceramic Artist, @prattdarlene4

Natalie Waddell, Ceramic Artist, @claygirlceramics
Hana Balaban-Pommier, Ceramic Artist, @hanabalabanpommier
Yael Novak, Ceramic Artist, @novakyael
Danielle Skentzos, Ceramic Artist, @shiraleepottery

Annie McDonald, Ceramic Artist, @anniem.mcd
Karen Franzen, Ceramic Artist, @karen.franzen
Zara Gardner, Ceramic Artist, @zara.gardner.ceramics
Bep Schippers, Textile Artist, @ibeamarts

Karla Rivera, Ceramic Artist, @karlariviera_studio
Andrea Vuletin, Ceramic Artist, @andreavuletin
Leslie Putnam, Ceramic Artist, @lputnaml
Lauri Maitland, Glass Artist, @laurimailand
Paul Stewart, Ceramic Artist, @paulthepottery

Chris Snedden, Ceramic Artist, @clayguy4you
Amee Raval, Glass Artist, @nirvanadesigns
Catharina Goldnau, Ceramic Artist, @catharinagoldnauceramics
Wendy Hutchinson, Ceramic Artist, @studiowendyceramics

Alison Brannen, Ceramic Artist, @alison_brannenceramics
Gene Timpany, Ceramic Artist, @gene_timpany_pottery
Alison Brannen, Ceramic Artist, @alison_brannenceramics
Barb Banfield, Ceramic Artist, @barbarabanfield

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