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FUSION'S Creative Directions PROGRAM

Creative Directions is a program developed for clay and glass artists  to expand their technical skills, develop critical thinking and build confidence. 

Participants have the opportunity to embark on an individual project that will generate either a new body of work or will resolve current issues in their own work.

FUSION is pleased to partner with guilds and arts organizations to bring opportunities and create growth and learning experiences for FUSION members. 


Cone 6 Glaze Workshop with John Britt in Ottawa, Ontario

October 21-23, 2022

Presented in partnership with The Ottawa Guild of Potters at the Nepean Visual Arts Centre, this Creative Directions weekend workshop offers FUSION members the opportunity to learn more about glazing and firing at Cone 6.  Those attending must have glaze knowledge.

There will be a hands-on glaze workshop and a lecture option. 

Spaces are limited and will go online in August. 


Gaining Ground

A Creative Directions Exhibition facilitated by Lesley McInally

Satellite Project Space in London, Ontario

May 4-14, 2022

The exhibition reception will be May 14 from 1-4 p.m. 

Andrea DeKay, Andrea Vuletin, Ann Randeraad, Catharina Goldnau, Catherine Thomas, Chris Snedden, D'Andrea Bowie, Darlene Pratt, Jane Paterak, Judy Morris, Kathleen Verbeek, Naila Rahim and Scott Barnim.

To view the exhibition catalogue, click on the image of the cover or here.

"As mentor for Creative Directions, I challenged the participants to let go of their inhibitions and relearn how to simply play with materials, colours, surfaces and form. My intention was to show the students how to let go of their fears and step out of their comfort zones, allow all preconceived end goals to dissipate and begin again with fresh eyes. 

In the beginning, I took a risk and introduced the book “The Artist's Way” by Julia Cameron. I invited the group to work their way through a 12-week program which involved journaling, examining specific topics and tapping into a creative thought process.  I had hoped this experience would allow each participant to take on the insights that spoke directly to them, awaken their senses and follow their own individual journey during lockdown. It allowed the group some guided focus during an incredibly isolating time whilst opening up the possibility of delving deeper into their practice and questioning their own perspective. 

It was an incredible experience to watch each student's journey and artistic growth. With each meeting they were able to expand and develop their ideas and skill sets, gain confidence and focus on creating a body of work towards an exhibition in The Satellite Project Space gallery. I am so proud of each and every one of them. 

Thank you to FUSION for inviting me to share my skills with such a wonderful group of people. And thank you to all the students who persisted through what has been a very challenging two years of our lives. You have all bloomed." - Lesley McInally

Lesley McInally arrived in Canada in 2004 bringing with her an honors design degree in Ceramics and Printmaking. She is a full-time professional artist, supplying galleries and delivering inspirational workshops. She has taught children and adults in various educational environments and has juried numerous exhibitions. In the time she has been in Canada,  she has gained great respect and recognition as an accomplished maker and teacher.

Lesley has been the recipient of numerous prestigious awards, grants, and exhibits her work nationally and internationally. To see more of Lesley's work: https://www.lesleymcinally.com/

FUSION would like to thank London Clay Art Centre for hosting the workshops in their space.


FUSION would like to thank Satellite Project Space for hosting Gaining Ground, the exhibition featuring the work of the participants in London, Ontario

FUSION acknowledges funding support from the Ontario Arts Council, an agency of the Government of Ontario.


In collaboration with Deep River Potters' Guild

"Atmospheric firing methods have been profoundly important to the aesthetic direction of my clay work over the past 45 years."

- Dan Hill

This workshop series will take place over three weekends:

April 2-3, June 4-5 and June 12, 2022, 10-4 p.m. daily

Are you interested in exploring the potentials of the atmospheric firing process? This workshop series is for anyone interested in learning more about atmospheric firing and surface treatments that activate the form. Atmospheric changes and the movement of heat and flame within the kiln can have a dynamic effect on the ceramic form. Whether you fire in reduction, with gas or wood, Dan Hill’s knowledge of form development, surface design and glazing will certainly bring a fresh approach to your work. For more information and photos of Dan’s work, visit www.hillpottery.com

For more information visit here:

2019 Creative Directions
Dynamic Design with Angelo di Petta
To learn more about the CULTIVATE exhibition which took place at The Gardiner Museum, please click here.

FUSION was pleased to the launch of Creative Directions: Dynamic Design with Angelo di Petta in 2019. Dynamic Design is intended for ceramic artists who have had several years of clay experience and achieved a reasonable level of competency in ceramics. Each participant is encouraged to critically examine their own work and embark on an individual project that will generate either a new body of work and or resolve current issues in their own work.

About Angelo di Petta

Angelo di Petta studied at OCAD University and upon his graduation was awarded three scholarships to study industrial ceramics in Italy. He returned to OCAD and began his teaching career, which spanned 37 years. He taught courses in mouldmaking, domestic ceramics, ceramic materials, 3D design, imagery/surface and rendering drawing. Angelo isan outstanding and generous teacher and an internationally acclaimed artist.

Angelo di Petta's Website

Images: Angelo Di Petta

For more information on the 2019/2020 Creative Directions Dynamic Design program led by Angelo di Petta,  please click on the link below  see below.

Information on the participants of this group and catalogue can be found here:

  Cultivate Exhibition

Creative Direction Program led by Michelle Mendlowitz 2016-2017 

Participants of Creative Directions were encouraged to research ideas, explore materials and take creative risks during their eight meetings. Running from September 2016 to Fall 2017, Creative Directions began with four, full day, hands-on workshops with demonstrations and time for practice, skills development and feedback. The last four, full day, sessions were dedicated to group discussion and critiques lead by Michelle to develop individual ideas and personal aesthetics for the final group exhibition. During this entire process Michelle, worked with participants to identify personal goals and needs to enhance their technical skills base, develop a sense of critical thinking, assist in creating an artist statement and source, develop and resolve new ideas. 

To find out more about the participating artists and to follow along on their creative journey, please visit the Creative Directions website: 

2016-2017 Creative Directions ExhibitionUnearthed

Catalogue: FUSIONUnearthedCatalogue.pdf

FUSION thanks Tucker's Pottery Supply for their continued support and Sponsorship.

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FUSION acknowledges funding support from the Ontario Arts Council, an agency of the Government of Ontario. 

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