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FUSION’s 50th

$5000 is available and FUSION will support initiatives from $200 to $500 to help as many artists as possible. 

In celebration of FUSION's 50th year, FUSION announces the launch of scholarships for clay and glass artists aimed at providing support to the creative community.

These scholarships encompass a broad spectrum of opportunities including workshops, summer courses, formal education programs offered by universities and colleges, travel assistance, research projects, and the purchase of essential materials and tools. 

The recipients of the scholarships will be announced during the 50th celebration at the Gardiner Museum in the fall of 2024.

Applications will be evaluated by a peer committee.

Deadline: October 15, 2024

Recipients will be notified by email by October 30, 2024. 

Before completing your application, please note:


  • You must be a resident of Ontario.

  • You must apply before the event you are planning to attend.

  • Individuals may only receive one FUSION scholarship in any 24-month period.

  • You do not need to be a FUSION member to apply.


“Additional experience and examples of successful surface treatments were incredibly beneficial for me as I headed into my MFA thesis year at Kent State University this past fall.” - Hannah Faas

Hannah 1.jpg
Jason 1.jpg

“This enabled me to pursue a self-designed program of ambitious new slip casting projects that pushed my abilities to the limit.” - Jason Schiedel

“This avenue of learning and experimentation represented an important step in my professional development, and helped move me toward my 3-5-year goal.” - Darlene Pratt

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